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Customer-Provided Slogan: We Don’t Just Accept Openings, We Fill Openings
Copywriter Pull-Quote: Top-Notch Recruitment Service with Productive Results

Phone: (888) 453-9395

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More Than 20 Years of Experience
More Than 20 Years in Business

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Our firm’s history of success can be traced from a highly focused and fundamental belief that the best candidate for any search is an individual who is successful in his or her current position and will make a career change only if the new opportunity is real and substantial.

Therefore, in every facet of Zimco’s search—from discovery of the essence of the client’s need during the initial interview, to the final pre-employment interview—great care is taken in matching the needs of the client with the experience of the candidate. The main objective has always been to accomplish the search in a timely manner.

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Zimco in Westlake Village, California, is a trusted staffing agency that helps aerospace companies with personnel recruitment. Learn about our [executive search] for aerospace careers.

Expect us to handle [recruitment process] that yields positive results for both the company and job seekers. Find out how we work on choosing the right person for a specific job.

[Contact] us in Westlake Village, California, to acquire recruiting services from our highly-esteemed staffing agency.


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Zimco in Westlake Village, California, is a major staffing agency that provides recruiting services to companies in the aerospace industry. When it comes to finding the most qualified people for specialized technical management and aerospace positions, we are the one to trust. We also have a long track record on permanent personnel placement in tech, military, manufacturing, and commercial industries. Work in confidence with us to successfully meet placement requirements based on your organizational standards. Expect beneficial results with our systematic recruitment process and commendable retention rate.